Evaporative Cooling via Fogging

Cooling Principle

tech_fogThe basic idea behind this technology is to achieve an evaporative cooling effect by producing and evaporating fine water droplets with an average droplet size of around 15 micron. There is no remarkable pressure loss for the gas turbines and the start-up time is naturally very short.

Design Features

  • Safety valve
  • Incoming water pressure control
  • Outgoing water pressure control
  • Motor temperature control
  • Optional: second pump
  • Nozzle failure detection
  • Supply water failure detection
  • High pressure failure detection
  • Filter failure detection
  • Water filter
  • Thermocouple failure detection
  • Pump skid weight: approximately 1.3 ton for a 240 MW turbine



  • Increased Power Output
    The fogging droplets evaporate and thus produce a cooling effect which provides an intake air at higher density. This allows the gas turbine to achieve increased power output and operating efficiency.
  • Low Investment and Operational Costs
    By using natural principles, the Optimize Fogging System has a low investment and operational cost, which allows for very short pay-back periods. The utility costs of the system are the water consumption (max. 10 m³/h) and the power consumed by the feed pumps.
  • Extremely Simple Installation
    Suited for new plants as well as retrofits! Integration into the filter house, especially for retrofits, is surprisingly easy and cheap for fogging systems. Downtime for the array installation for 270 MW Siemens units does not need to be more than 36 hours.
  • Short Start-up Time
    An evaporative cooling system based on the fogging method can be up and running within seconds, instantly producing the desired cooling effect!
  • No Remarkable Pressure Drop
    Standard pressure drop of an Optimize fogging system is close to zero!

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