Request for Offer

Request for an Individual Offer

We are very eager to assist you in finding the most suitable and beneficial evaporative cooling solutions for your projects. To save time and paperwork you may submit your request for an individual offer online! Simply follow the steps indicated below to create and transfer your request. If, at any time, you wish to contact us with comments or questions please don’t hesitate and refer to the contact section of this website.

How to submit your request:

1. Step: Download the Request for Offer (RFO) form. It is saved in Microsoft Excel format.

If you have trouble downloading the Excel file to your harddisk by clicking on the link provided above, try right-clicking the link and selecting “Save Target”.

2. Step: Fill out the RFO form in Microsoft Excel with all the necessary information about your project and save it.

3. Step: Mail the Excel file, together with appropriate other attachments (figures, photos), to:

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