Evaporative Coolers for Gas Turbines

Optimize is a supplier of evaporative cooling for the power industry, with experience in the areas of design, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and performance testing.

Optimize has a solution for your plant: Whether ex-works or turnkey, retrofit or new plant, before or behind filter, peaking or base-load plant, including filter house modifications or even redesigns, 90% or 95% efficiency, whether in Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia or the Americas.

Why use Turbine Air Inlet Evaporative Cooling?
Structured Media Technology

  • Low initial cost (EUR 20-30 / additional kW)
  • Increased Power Output – typically between 8-20 % (Increase in cooling of 0.5-1% /°C for gas turbines, 0.05 % /°C for steam turbines)
  • Increased thermal efficiency (reduced heat rate 0.2 % /°C)
  • Reduced NOx emissions (0.8-1.5 % /°C cooling)

Why use Evaporative Cooling?
Fogging Technology

  • Very low pressure loss
  • Short installation period
  • Can be retrofitted to almost any gas turbine
  • “Seamless” adaptation to achieve targeted cooling effect
  • Average droplet size below 15 micron

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